Tuula Juvonen toimii johtavana tutkijana (principal investigator) Suomen Akatemian rahoittamassa tutkimusprojektissa ”Just the Two of Us? Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationships”. Suomen Akatemiaan sai rahoituksen noin 13% prosenttia kaikista yhteiskunnan ja kulttuurin tutkimuksen  alan hakemuksista, joita oli yhteensä 388 (http://www.aka.fi/fi/akatemia/media/Tiedotteet1/2015/39-uutta-akatemiahanketta-kulttuurin-ja-yhteiskunnan-tutkimuksen-alalle/). Keskinmäärin vain hieman yli yksi kymmenestä hakemuksesta saa rahoitusta. Tästä huolimatta tämä oli Tuulan viides rahoituksen saanut akatemiahakemus. Tuula kertoo akatemiarahoituksen hakemisesta tässä lyhyessä englanninkielisessä haastattelussa, jossa haastattelijana on projektin harjoittelija Emppu Nurminen.


Q: Tuula, how many times have you successfully applied for a research project funded by the Academy of Finland?

I have been successful in applying for research funding from the Academy of Finland for four individual research projects. ‘Affective Inequalities’ is the first project I am leading as a PI that has been funded by the Academy. Apart from that, I have also been a one-time member of the Academy of Finland funded Center of Excellence.

Q: You have quite a lot of experience in applying and succeeding. What is your secret?

I think I have no secret apart from really wanting to do research about sexual diversity. Beyond that, I have just been following the Academy of Finland guidelines and kept myself on track about the latest research. Then, based on my observations, I have crafted my applications. Also, it never hurts to have great collaboration partners and good international contacts.

 Q: Have you thought about sharing these skills?

In fact, I am already sharing them. I have started to organize training sessions at the University of Tampere for people who either have just finished their PHDs or are already doing their post-docs. This workshop is called Hapaja and it is held yearly, from May until September, in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Tampere.

Q: Can you tell me more about Hapaja? What kinds of topics do you have sessions on?

We focus on writing persuasive applications which have the potential to become funded. The wider purpose of this is to intervene on the current university culture of competition and ‘doing it by yourself. Hopefully, people will be encouraged to hone their proposals together, learn from each other and share their knowledge.

Q: Can you give one good tip on how to write a successful application?

The academy of Finland is keen to advance innovative projects that have something new to offer for the Finnish society. If you can be clear about that aspect in your proposal, it will surely bring you to the shortlist.

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