Emppu Nurminen toimi tutkimusapulaisena projektissa “Just the Two of Us? Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationships” kolmen kuukauden ajan aikavälillä 16.5.–30.9.2016 osana hänen opintoihinsa kuuluvaa työharjoittelua. Tässä kirjoituksessa Emppu, joka on maisterivaiheen opiskelija Tampereen yliopistossa, pohtii harjoittelukokemustaan sekä sitä, mitä se opetti. Projekti kiittää Emppua lämpimästi työpanoksesta!


As I am writing this, it is the last day of my internship and looking back, I have gained a lot. The first thought in my mind is that I am happy about not putting papers in the shredder for three months but that I received tasks which were challenging, also intellectually. The core of my internship was managing the project’s Twitter account and home page and assisting  the researchers working in the project in research-related activities such as gathering research material and searching for academic literature.

I wanted to apply for this project for my internship because I employ the concept of affect in my graduate thesis which is about the Finnish anti-immigrant protests. To add to this, the very idea that I would bring affects to my Master’s thesis came from remembering a university lecture series Marjo gave about affects a few years earlier. Tuula I knew from giving one of the most memorable lectures I have attended about queer feminist methodologies. I also knew that Tuula had previously been awarded ‘Good Teacher of the Year’ award at the University of Tampere.

My tasks varied quite a lot: I got to participate in organizing a workshop on Affect and Methods and both volunteered and participated in the working group about post-qualitative methodologies (which was organized by Marjo and Tuula) in the NSA 2016 Conference in Helsinki. I wrote small blog posts about both events which was exhilarating and challenging. Quite other sorts of tasks were taking a visiting researcher for a walking tour of Tampere and finding out about possibilities for open access publishing at the University of Tampere.

Some of the things I learned were almost by-products of my internship: I had to master time management in order to keep everything in control, I hadn’t used Twitter before my internship at all and I cannot really emphasize how much I learned about the practices of doing research.

All in all, I feel very happy about my internship and I am sure the experience will also bring my graduate thesis up a level. This is not the final good bye, either, as I will continue to participate in a study group with the researchers in this project as well as to keep following the future activities of this project.

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