Thursday 26 October

10:15–11:45    Linna 5026-5027

Public guest lecture by Professor Stevi Jackson (University of York, UK): On Heterosexuality

12–13 Lunch

13:15–14:45    Linna 5026-5027 Public presentations by the participants

Raisa Jurva (University of Tampere): Heterosexual dynamics with a difference? Mid- to later-life women narrating on relationships with younger men


Maiju Parviainen (University of Eastern Finland): There has to be sex(uality) – Sexological accounts about couple sexuality


Hanna Etholén (University of Helsinki): The intertwining of sexual desire and love in female-narrated erotic autofiction


14:45–15:15    Coffee break

15:15–17:45    Linna 5101 Workshop for the participants only

18:30                  Seminar dinner at Dining 26 (participants only)


Friday 27 October

10:15–11:45     Linna 4013 Public presentations by the participants

Anna Heinonen (University of Helsinki): Kinship, co-living intimacies and absent (hetero)sexuality?


Marjo Kolehmainen (University of Tampere): Knowledge and experience in relationship counselling practices? Re-thinking heteronormativity

Tiia Sudenkaarne (University of Turku): Making Oddkin: Rethinking Heterosexuality, Heteronormativity and Reproduction in Bioethics


12–13 Lunch

13:15–15:45    Linna 5101 Workshop for the participants only

15:45–16:00    Closing of the workshop


The Heterosexuality and Beyond seminar and workshop is organised by Dr Tuula Juvonen (University of Tampere), leader of the Academy of Finland‑funded research project “Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationships”, and Professor of Gender Studies Jaana Vuori (University of Eastern Finland).

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