Kokoomateoksen Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationships sisällysluettelo on julkaistu. Teoksen ovat toimittaneet Tuula Juvonen ja Marjo Kolehmainen, ja se ilmestyy Routledgen kustantamana.





Marjo Kolehmainen and Tuula Juvonen: Introduction: Thinking with and Through Affective Inequalities


Part one: Affective capacities in embodied encounters

1. Katie Anderson, Paula Reavey and Zoë Boden: An affective (re)balancing act? The liminal possibilities for heterosexual partners on MDMA

2. Antti Malinen: Boundless Care: Religious Farm Women and Their Emotional Practices in Post-World War II Finland

3. Annukka Lahti: Listening to Old Tapes: Affective Intensities and Gendered Power in Bisexual Women’s and Ex-Partners’ Relationship Assemblages

4. Marjo Kolehmainen: Mapping Affective Capacities: Gender and Sexuality in Relationship and Sex Counselling Practices


Part two: Affective transitions throughout intimate lives

5. Tuula Juvonen: Yet Another Lesbian Breakup? Understanding Intimate Relationship Dynamics Through Affective Resonance

6. Liina Sointu: Slipping into ‘That Nurse’s Dress’: Caring as Affective Practice in Mixed-Sex Couples’ Relationships

7. Nina Lykke: When Death Cuts Apart: On Affective Difference, Compassionate Companionship and Lesbian Widowhood


Part three: Affective negotiations between partners

8. Raisa Jurva: Independence and Vulnerability: Affective Orientations in Imagining Futurities for Heterosexual Relationships

9. Olga Sabido Ramos and Adriana García Andrade: In the Name of Love: A Relational Approach to Young People’s Relationships in Urban Mexico

10. Polona Curk: Affective Dissonances: Resources to Disrupt Gender Binaries?


Part four: Affective intimacies beyond couples

11. Katja Chmilewski and Katharina Hajek: Mobilizing Affects About Intimate Relationships: Emotional Pedagogy Among the New Right in Germany

12. Verónica Policarpo: The Power(s) of Friendship: Affects and Inequalities Between Friends

13. Julia Katila: Touch Between Child and Mother as an Affective Practice: (Re)Producing Bodies in Haptic Negotiations of Intimate Space

14. Bessie P. Dernikos: Reviving Ghostly Bodies: Student-Teacher Intimacies as Affective Hauntings


Lähde: https://www.routledge.com/Affective-Inequalities-in-Intimate-Relationships/Juvonen-Kolehmainen/p/book/9781138092747


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