Painotuore kokoomateos Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationships (Routledge Research in Gender and Society, 2018) on juuri julkaistu. Kirja on saanut alkunsa projektissa ”Vain me kaksi? Affektiivinen eriarvoisuus intiimisuhteissa”. Englanninkielisen teoksen ovat toimittaneet Tuula Juvonen ja Marjo Kolehmainen, ja teos sisältää myös projektin jäsenten Raisa Jurvan ja Annukka Lahden kirjanluvut.

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Raising to the challenge of how to grasp such forms of inequalities that are mediated affectively, Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationships focuses on subtle inequalities that are shaped in everyday affective encounters. It also seeks to bridge a gap between affect theory and empirical social research by providing ideas and inspiration of how to work with affect in research practice.




Marjo Kolehmainen and Tuula Juvonen: Introduction: Thinking with and Through Affective Inequalities


Part one: Affective capacities in embodied encounters

1. Katie Anderson, Paula Reavey and Zoë Boden: An affective (re)balancing act? The liminal possibilities for heterosexual partners on MDMA

2. Antti Malinen: Boundless Care: Religious Farm Women and Their Emotional Practices in Post-World War II Finland

3. Annukka Lahti: Listening to Old Tapes: Affective Intensities and Gendered Power in Bisexual Women’s and Ex-Partners’ Relationship Assemblages

4. Marjo Kolehmainen: Mapping Affective Capacities: Gender and Sexuality in Relationship and Sex Counselling Practices


Part two: Affective transitions throughout intimate lives

5. Tuula Juvonen: Yet Another Lesbian Breakup? Understanding Intimate Relationship Dynamics Through Affective Resonance

6. Liina Sointu: Slipping into ‘That Nurse’s Dress’: Caring as Affective Practice in Mixed-Sex Couples’ Relationships

7. Nina Lykke: When Death Cuts Apart: On Affective Difference, Compassionate Companionship and Lesbian Widowhood


Part three: Affective negotiations between partners

8. Raisa Jurva: Independence and Vulnerability: Affective Orientations in Imagining Futurities for Heterosexual Relationships

9. Olga Sabido-Ramos and Adriana García-Andrade: In the Name of Love: A Relational Approach to Young People’s Relationships in Urban Mexico

10. Polona Curk: Affective Dissonances: Resources to Disrupt Gender Binaries?


Part four: Affective intimacies beyond couples

11. Katja Chmilewski and Katharina Hajek: Mobilizing Affects About Intimate Relationships: Emotional Pedagogy Among the New Right in Germany

12. Verónica Policarpo: The Power(s) of Friendship: Affects and Inequalities Between Friends

13. Julia Katila: Touch Between Child and Mother as an Affective Practice: (Re)Producing Bodies in Haptic Negotiations of Intimate Space

14. Bessie P. Dernikos: Reviving Ghostly Bodies: Student-Teacher Intimacies as Affective Hauntings


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