Aika: Perjantai 23.11.2018, 18.00-19.00

Paikka: Arken, Åbo Akademi, Tehtaankatu 2, Turku

Tervetuloa kirjanjulkistamistilaisuuteen! Tilaisuudessa on viinitarjoilu ja se on englanninkielinen.


It is time to celebrate the launch of the recent collection Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationships. The book is edited by Dr. Tuula Juvonen (University of Turku) and Dr. Marjo Kolehmainen (University of Tampere), and published in Routledge Research in Gender and Society series in 2018.

Raising to the challenge of how to grasp different forms of affectively mediated inequalities, Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationship focuses on those subtle inequalities that are shaped in everyday affective encounters. It also seeks to bridge a gap between affect theory and empirical social research by providing ideas and inspiration of how to work with affect in research practice.

The book launch event encompasses opening words by the editors, Dr. Katie Anderson’s (London South Bank University, UK) introduction of her book chapter ‘An affective (re)balancing act? The liminal possibilities for heterosexual partners on MDMA’, followed by Professor Marianne Liljeström’s (University of Turku, FIN) brief commentary on the book as a whole.

During the book launch it will also be possible to meet several of the authors, and to receive a discount code for purchasing the book. This all will be accompanied by a wine reception. You are most warmly welcome!


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