Sukupuolentutkimuksen päivillä Turussa 22.-24.11.2018 kokoontuvan työryhmän  FEMINIST NEW MATERIALISMS – MATTER(ING) AND METHODOLOGIES ohjelma löytyy alta. Työryhmän kielenä on englanti.


THURSDAY 22 NOVEMBER 16.00-18.00

Thinking feminist new materialisms through art (JÖNS BUDDE M218)

16.00 Welcome & Introduction to the workshop
16.15 Marietta Radomska: Deterritorialising Death: On Feminist Biophilosophy as a Queer(ing) Methodology
16.35 Wibke Straube: Trans-corporeality and the Transgender Bodies in Environmental Art
16.55 Nikki Forrest: Grey Noize: Re-examining identity and subjectivity from the in -between spaces of uncertainty
17.15 Nikki Forrest (sound performance)
17.35 Shared Q&A and discussion

FRIDAY 23 NOVEMBER 11.15 –12.45 (two parallel sessions; B1 & B2)

B1. Feminist new materialisms and methodologies (JÖNS BUDDE M218)

11.15 Maria Kiprichenko: Ideology of Stimulation. Material-semiotic body of the surrogate on
the websites of Russian reproductive clinics and agencies
11.35 Johanna Jaring: PLUGGING IN TO QUEER IN GOTHENBURG. An Emotion and Power – Sensitive In -depth Group Study on Being Queer in Gothenburg
11.55 Tiina Suopajärvi: Analysing career interviews through ’transcorporeal engagement’
12.15 Anastasia Khodyreva: Re-thinking affective autoethnography for the study of filmic gendered corporealities with(feminist) new materialisms
12.35 Shared Q&A and discussion

B2. Feminist new materialisms and intersectionality (BIFROST D207)

11.15 Liu Xin: Nose hair: Love it or leave it? The lovecidal of bodies that filert
11.35 Yuanyuan Fang: Matter, Death, and theMaiden: Moving Beyond New Materialism in Guillermo Del Toro’s Dark Fantasies
11.55 Mena Tajrishi: Political as Potent: The Materialization of Gender Variance Through Public Affairs
12.15 Stella Andrada Kasdovasili: Homo Android: The parody of humanness
12.35 Shared discussion and Q&A

SATURDAY 24 NOVEMBER 10.30–12.00

Feminist new materialisms and sexualities (JÖNS BUDDE M218)

10.30 Alanna Thain: Techniques of Togetherness: The Sexo-Romantic Reproductions of Dayna McLeod’s Uterine Concert Hall
10.50 Marjo Kolehmainen: Affective assemblages: Atmospheres and feminist knowledge production in/through the researcher-body
11.10 Annukka Lahti: Becoming of the circle of friends of the (ex-)partners – relationship break-up as a transition
11.30 Suvi Pihkala & Tuija Huuki: How a hashtag matters: Reconfiguring research -activist encounters to address sexual harassment in pre-teen peer cultures
11.50 Shared discussion and Q&A
12.00 Closing remarks by the workshop organizers

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