Marjo Kolehmainen NORAn suomalaisen toimituskunnan jäseneksi
joulukuu 29, 2018
Annukka Lahti ja Marjo Kolehmainen osallistuvat konferenssiin Ethnography with a Twist (12.-14.2.2019)
helmikuu 7, 2019
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Marjo Kolehmainen vierailee Kentin yliopiston School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Research -yksikössä keväällä 2019

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Project member Marjo Kolehmainen is now also a Visiting Academic in the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Research (SSPSSR) at the University of Kent (UK) during the period of 02/o1/2019-28/06/2019.

Dr. Carolyn Pedwell, Reader in Cultural Studies, acts as her contact person and mentor during the visit. In the SSPSSR, Pedwell is Head of the Cultural Studies and Media subject area, joint Head of Internationalisation and convenor of the Gender, Sexuality and Culture research cluster. She is the author of two research monographs: Affective Relations: The Transnational Politics of Empathy (Palgrave: 2014) and Feminism, Culture and Embodied Practice: The Rhetorics of Comparison (Routledge: 2010). She is also an Editor of the international journal Feminist Theory.

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