Call for papers: Affective Intimacies (Special Issue to be published in NORA Journal in 2021)

The Special Issue aims to provide a forum to rethink intimacies through the lens of affect theories. In particular, it seeks to introduce new ways for understanding affective intimacies and to explore what kind of potential do affect theories provide to renew feminist debates concerning intimate relations?

The Special Issue is planned for publication in NORA – Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research in 2021. NORA is a multi-disciplinary international journal of feminist and gender research published by Taylor & Francis. The Special Issue is edited by Dr. Marjo Kolehmainen, Dr. Kinneret Lahad and Dr. Annukka Lahti.


We invite abstracts from scholars who work across the issues of affect and intimacy, in particular within feminist and queer studies. In particular, we seek submissions that address the embodied, affective and psychic aspects of intimate entanglements. They may include but are not limited to the following themes:

Affect, intimacy and power

How are gendered and sexualised vulnerabilities maintained, produced and challenged through affective intimacies? How do affective privilege and affective inequality materialise in intimate encounters? How to grasp changing and processual affective power dynamics in the realm of intimate relationships?

Collective becomings

How the affective histories of communities condition the possibilities for intimate attachments and detachments? How can the intimate becomings be conceptualised and empirically explored with others? How collective affective registers foster the experience of intimacy or the lack of it?

Emerging intimacies

How affect takes part in shaping the everyday fabrics and textures of intimate relationships? How do new technologies shape intimate entanglements and related affective matterings? What kind of political potential might new patterns of intimacy have?

Queering affects

How can those forms of intimacy which escape cultural recognition and intelligibility be acknowledged? How might unpredictable and unruly affects participate in queering intimacy? What kind of challenges do new forms of intimate practices pose to affective research practice?

In addition to research articles, we welcome review articles, position papers, essays and book reviews that cover the topic of the Special Issue. If interested in submitting any of these above mentioned, please feel free to contact the editors.


Submission Instructions for Research Articles:

Deadline for abstracts (max. 300 words): 1 December 2019 via email to the editors

Decisions on abstracts will be sent to authors: 15 December 2019

Deadline for completed manuscript (max. 8 8000 words): 30 April 2020

Please make sure to follow NORA’s author and manuscript guidelines, which may be found on our ’Instructions for Authors’ page via


Editorial information:

Guest Editors:
Dr. Marjo Kolehmainen, Tampere University (
Dr. Kinneret Lahad, Tel Aviv University (
Dr. Annukka Lahti, University of Jyväskylä (

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