Workshop & presentations: NSA conference 2016 in Helsinki (11th-13th August)

Next week on August 11th-13th at the Nordic Sociological Association annual conference in Helsinki, Tuula Juvonen and Marjo Kolehmainen are coordinating a workshop on “Post-qualitative methodologies in social sciences”. Furthermore, all the researchers in our project, Tuula, Marjo, Raisa Jurva and Annukka Lahti will present their conference papers.

The workshop is organized in the University of Helsinki Main Building, lecture hall 7, on the 3rd floor (new side). You are welcome to come and listen! Here is the schedule of the workshop:

Post-qualitative methodologies in social sciences

Coordinators: Marjo Kolehmainen, University of Tampere ( Tuula Juvonen, University of Tampere (

Thursday 11.8.2016, 13.00-15.30

  1. Tuula Juvonen & Marjo Kolehmainen: Introduction of the strand
  2. Elina Paju: Fluid observations and the ethnographer: How observations travel in ethnographic research
  3. Satu Venäläinen: Affectuality in research encounters
  4. Anne Soronen: Editorial fashion photography sessions as affective assemblages
  5. Eeva Houtbeckers: A collective dialogic inquiry into post-qualitative methodologies

Thursday 11.8.2016, 16.00-17.30

  1. Annukka Lahti: Too much? Psychosocial analysis of bisexual women’s excessive sexual experiences
  2. Raisa Jurva: Attuning to regret, bitterness and resourcefulness. Affective attachments in women’s narration of heterosexual relationships
  3. Tuula Juvonen: Affective Traces of Desire

Friday 12.8.2016, 13.30-15.30

  1. Eva Flicker: Discourse – Viscourse: Visual Sociology claiming the Pictures
  2. Marjo Kolehmainen & Taina Kinnunen: Touch and Affect: Registering affect in/through touch biographies
  3. Ilmari Kortelainen: On somatic self-knowledge and ‘body-normalisation’ in mindfulness training

Saturday 13.8.2016, 9.00-10.30

  1. Jose A. Cañada: Global health policies and paradigm shifts: challenges in following ever-growing, ever-becoming networks of knowledge
  2. Tessa Bishop & Lisa Zagumny: Research is Long, Life is Short: Longevity in Post-Qualitative Research
  3. Rusten Menard: Are social values passé in post-qualitative research?


The conference programme:

Nordic Sociological Association: