Upcoming presentation on boundary-work in relationship counselling by Marjo Kolehmainen (ESA, Athens, 29 Aug – 01 Sept, 2017)

Marjo Kolehmainen  will give an oral presentation titled “About having issues: Boundary-work in the practices of relationship and sex counselling” in the upcoming 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association, (Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities. The conference will take place in Athens, Greece from 29 August until 1 September, 2017. Kolehmainen will give her presentation on Wednesday the 30th of August, as a part of the panel Sexualities, Health, Technologies (RN 23, Sexualities).

Please find the abstract below:

This presentation draws upon an ongoing study on the formal and informal practices of relationship and sex counselling in Finland, employing ethnographic observations on various relationship counselling events and relationship enhancement seminars as well as textual data obtained from magazines and guidebooks as its data. As a part of the widespread therapeutic cultures, several organizations and professionals from parishes to LGBTQI organizations and from psychologists to sex workers now peddle relationship and sex advice. Advice is also targeted at diverse groups such as heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples, singles and the recently divorced. Within this presentation, the constitution of problems is explored in order to learn how particular understandings of gender, sexuality, class and ethnicity emerge in the processes of advice seeking and advice giving. The aim of this presentation is to examine what is considered or recognized as a problem within intimate relationships, and how the definition of problems operates as a form of boundary-work producing, renewing, disrupting and challenging hierarchies and exclusions based on gender, sexuality, class and ethnicity.

Read more about the conference: http://esa13thconference.eu