Public guest lecture by Professor Stevi Jackson (University of York, UK) ‘De-provincializing the critique of heterosexuality’ on Thu Oct 26 10-12 – all welcome (the lecture will also be livestreamed)

Professor Stevi Jackson (University of York, UK) will deliver an open to the public key note lecture ‘De-provincializing the critique of heterosexuality’ on Thursday Oct 26, 10:15–11:45 at the University of Tampere (lecture hall Linna 5026-5027). Welcome – it is possible to join the audience in the lecture hall or follow the lecture online.

The lecture will be livestreamed. Please follow the streaming via the following link:

It is recommended to use either Chrome or Firefox to follow the streaming. Please notice that it is possible to follow the streaming via mobile technology, too.

Jackson will be visiting University of Tampere as a part of the seminar Heterosexuality and Beyond – A two-day seminar and workshop at the University of Tampere, October 26-27.  For the full seminar schedule, see:

Jackson’s homepage:


For more information, please contact Tuula Juvonen.