Welcome to discuss how queer studies meet ecological studies – The next queer studies reading group get-together on Tue Oct 31 at 17:00 in Tampere

Queer studies reading group will have its next gathering on Tuesday the 31st of October 2017, at 17:00 in Gastropub Nordic (at Otavalankatu 3). There will be a cabinet alike space in the back of the restaurant reserved for the study group. Unfortunately the venue is not wheelchair accessible.

The reading group is an informal site for discussing queer studies, and it has meetings approximately once a month. Its main activity is to discuss queer studies, but the reading group has hosted several visitors from Finland and abroad; we have also arranged movie nights, festival excursions and parties. Queer studies are understood in a loose way, meaning that the topics can also relate to gay-, lesbian-, and bi studies, critical heterosexual studies, inter- or transgender studies, the history of sexuality, or something else. The readings are selected on the basis of general interest, and the participants are encouraged to introduce the texts they wish to discuss in the meetings. The reading group is coordinated by Tuula Juvonen, Marjo Kolehmainen and Luca Tainio.

This time the discussion will be mostly in English.

The reading is:

Di Chiro, G. 2010. Polluted Politics? Confronting Toxic Discourse, Sex Panic and Eco-Normativity. (pages 199-231 in the book: Mortimer-Sandilands, Catriona, Erickson, Bruce. 2010. Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Politics, Desire. Indiana University Press.)

In the article Di Chiro shows us how queer studies meet ecological studies and feminism challenges environmentalism.

You can find the article through University Library’s Andor search service / EBSCOhost, or, alternatively contact the coordinators. 

Researchers and students are very welcome, as is everyone else interested in the topic, first-time participants and regulars!

Leeni Herrala will introduce the text. If you have any questions regarding the practicalities, please send Leeni a message: leeni.herrala AT gmail.com