Annukka Lahti started as a book review editor for Sukupuolentutkimus – Genusforskning journal

The Association for Gender Studies in Finland is a national scientific association that aims at promoting Women’s and Gender Studies in the Finnish context. The association was founded in 1988 as ’The Association for Women’s Studies in Finland’. The name was changed into ’The Association for Gender Studies’ in 2014.

The association publishes the Sukupuolentutkimus – Genusforskning journal and participates in the organization of the annual Gender Studies Conference in Finland. In addition, the association also participates in public discussions and policy-making processes regarding Women’s and Gender Studies.

The book review editor of Sukupuolentutkimus – Genusforskning journal follows the works published in gender studies field especially in Finland, but also internationally. If you are interested in reviewing a book for Sukupuolentutkimus – Genusforskning please contact Annukka Lahti: annukka.lahti[@] The language of the journal is Finnish and Swedish, but in some cases it can be also negotiable to do the book review in English.