Tuuli Innola joins the project as research assistant

BSocSc Tuuli Innola works as an intern at the Faculty of Social Sciences 1.9. – 30.11.2019. Innola’s duties include processing qualitative data in two different research projects funded by The Academy of Finland (”Understanding cultural disengagement in contemporary Finland” and ”Just the Two of Us? Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationships”), assisting tasks in the Faculty of Social Sciences and practical arrangements of the international workshop “Affective Intimacies”. After the internship, Innola will continue as a research assistant in the Affective Inequalities project until 31.1.2020.

Innola is a master’s student in Gender Studies and interested in new materialist theory and affect studies. In her Master’s thesis (Ulkonäkökokemuksen affektikokouma ruumiillisen subjektiviteetin, minuuden ja sukupuolen suhteissa 2019) Innola examined the process of experiencing appearances, focusing on relations of embodied subjectivity, selfhood and gender. She develops her approach by using a concept of appearances-assemblage, understood as an affective and multifaceted assemblage of social, material, corporeal and psychological becomings, including human as well as non-human agency.