Tuula JuvonenTuula Juvonen

Dr. Soc.Sci., with a Docentship in Women’s Studies
Academy of Finland Fellow

I study the emergence of lesbian communities in Tampere from the 1970s up to the 2000 from the perspectives of spatiality, materiality and affectivity. In this particular project I focus on the affective intensities in women’s intimate relationships with other women by analysing both interviews and journal articles. This project is continuation to my interest in the construction of Finnish homosexualities, and is intertwined with my other ongoing Academy of Finland funded project titled Queer Narratives: The Intimate and Social Lives of Women with Same-Sex Attractions in Tampere 1971–2011.

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Phone: +358 50 318 6105
E-mail: tuula.juvonen(a)uta.fi
Office: LINNA 5082, (Kalevantie 5), FI–33014 University of Tampere




Marjo KolehmainenMarjo Kolehmainen

Dr. Soc.Sci.

I examine the widespread therapeutic cultures in my ongoing post-doctoral study. In my study, I especially focus on the practices of relationship and sex counselling, such as the institutional forms of counselling, therapy and peer support, as well as popular guide books and advice columns. The data employed in the study consists of ethnographic observations on various relationship counselling events and relationship enhancement seminars. My previous research has been published e.g. in the following international journals: Body & Society; The Sociological Review; Sexualities; Subjectivity and Feminist Media Studies.

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Phone: +358 50 318 7599
E-mail : marjo.kolehmainen(a)tuni.fi
Office: Linna 5084, Kalevantie 5, FI-33014 Tampere University

Raisa JurvaRaisa Jurva

M. Soc.Sc

My research is concerned with the entanglement of power and affects in lived intimate relationships. Currently I focus especially on the dynamics of heterosexual relationships. Despite the changes in the social and political atmosphere around relationships, heterosexuality still functions as a central intersection between gender and sexuality. Moreover, heterosexuality keeps organizing the cultural understanding of gender and sexuality institutionally, politically and affectively.

In my doctoral thesis “Heterosexual dynamics with a difference? Affective attachments in mid- to later-life women’s narration on relationships with younger men” I explore women’s narration on their relationship experiences. The research material consists of interviews with women, who have been in a relationship with a substantially younger man. I am interested in whether the age difference challenges the gendered conventions of heterosexual relationships. Further, I analyze relationship experiences from life-course perspective.

Phone: +358 50 6087
E-mail: raisa.jurva(a)uta.fi
Office: Linna 5031, Kalevantie 5, FI-33014 University of Tampere

Annukka LahtiAnnukka Lahti

MA Psych

My work focuses on relationship discourses used by bisexual women and their variously gendered partners (Lahti 2007). This psychosocial research avails itself of a longitudinal set of interviews conducted in 2005 and 2014-2015 with bisexual women and their partners of various genders. The analysis of the first set of interviews established that couples downplayed bisexuality in their efforts to support the prevalent discourse around ‘enduring couple relationships’ (2007; 2015). In the follow-up interviews, I seek to scrutinize how everyday life and the psychic experiences and affect described by interviewees create tension within that discourse, and how they can pose a threat to the fixed identities associated with an ‘enduring relationship’ narrative. The study produces novel knowledge on the affective shaping of inequalities both between and within relationships, as well as on the ways in which those inequalities must be renegotiated during interviews.

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Phone: +358 40 805 4714
E-mail: annukka.lahti(a)jyu.fi
Office: OPK 344, FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä