Call for abstracts now open: 28h Conference of the Nordic Sociological Association, 11-13 August, Post-qualitative methodologies in social sciences

Organizers: Marjo Kolehmainen (University of Tampere) & Tuula Juvonen (University of Tampere)

Where, when and why are post-qualitative methodologies needed? What kind of consequences do they have for the processes of knowledge-making? The conventional qualitative research practices have been increasingly criticized for being normative or standardized in their approaches. What is the relevance of post-positivist models of knowledge production to social sciences?

Openings in post-qualitative methodologies pose new challenges to social sciences:

– How to approach networks or things that are multi-directional?

– How to apply categories on things that are fluid, or in the constant state of becoming?

– How to get the hold of the unknown and unanticipated and do justice to such complexities?

– How to find alternative ways of attuning, noticing, and registering the social as it happens?

We invite to our working group presentations by scholars who are searching for and applying alternative and creative ways of thinking about methodological understandings and research practices.

Deadline for submitting an abstract: 22 March 2016 (extended)

Notification for accepted abstracts: 5 April 2016

The working group gathers at the 28th Conference of the Nordic Sociological Association, “Knowledge-Making Practices and Sociology’s Global Challenge”, 11–13 August 2016, Helsinki.

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